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Last post of 2009! *wipes tear off cheek* I don't normally make resolutions because I know I'm going to break them, but why not push myself this year? Looking back on 2009, I didn't get much accomplished, so I want to make 2010 awesome!

Here is a short recap of my year, and then my resolutions.

2009 in Review

  • January 2: We got the cats! I can't even remember a time before them. They've honestly brought so much joy into my household, and I'm so glad to have them… even if Hank is mentally defective. :P
  • January 20: I watched Barack Obama's inauguration on TV during school hours and had a mini party in my school library. Definitely a good moment!
  • January 21: I was nominated for the Bloggies and subsequently lost. However, I was never expecting to win, and just being nominated was such a happy shock!
  • January 29: I lost my cell phone and got a new1 one. (I'm getting a new one in 2 weeks, though! Yay!)
  • February 11: Jet ran away, but we found him. :D
  • February 11: My friend's grandmother died after a long battle with cancer. She was like a third grandmother to me, so this was devastating. It's been nearly a year.
  • May 3: I took a break from my blog and came back two months later.
  • May 25: I had a huge fight with a friend over a school project and didn't talk to her for five months. To put this into perspective, she was DEFINITELY the one being immature. She tried to blame her low mark on me.
  • June: I passed all my exams and finished the year on the honour roll!
  • July: I discovered the most amazing book I've ever read.
  • August 23: I lost my new phone, but found it in a Pictionary box. (Not a huge event, but it was funny so I had to include it.)
  • September: I won the Community of Learners award at my school. To this day, I'm not sure why.
  • September: I voted 1500 times for Aisling's cousin to win The Next Star. (This is a big event, okay? Do you know how much energy I put into that?)
  • September and October: Both the kitties had their first birthdays. (I only blogged about Hank's, though!)
  • October 22: I got contacts and was amazed by my awesome vision.
  • October 28: I deactivated my Facebook account, but had to cave and reactivate it shortly thereafter. I am weak. (But really, I had to reactivate it so I could give my friend directions to my house!)
  • November 3: I figured out what I want to do after I graduate from high school.
  • November 10: I got braces and was not amused by the fact that my mouth was in excruciating pain for four days.
  • November 14: I got a job as a cashier at a big chain of grocery stores.
  • November: I came thisclose to failing math! :D
  • December 17: I got a new laptop, after my (also fairly new) one completely died. This one is amazing and shiny and it makes me so happy. It's white with swirls! And the volume control looks like a light, but it's touch sensitive! And you can turn off the touchpad2!
  • December 22: I went to visit my relatives and met the little girl who's staying with my aunt and uncle. I fell in love with her sweet, adorable nature.
  • December 29: I lost my iPod! D: This is horrible, because I rely on it A LOT. I had notes on there that I reallllly need.
  • Best of all, I didn't die!

Goals for 2010, somewhat ordered by importance

  • Pull my average up by 5%3 – First term was not great for me in terms of grades, and my average dropped 5% from last year, 9% from the year before. (Notice a trend here?) Ideally I would raise it back up to where it was 2 years ago, but since my math mark is SO LOW (I missed a week of school and nearly failed the big test), chances of that happening are slim. This is going to be my main goal, since it will require a lot of work.
  • Get bank account balance up to $2000 – With my job, this shouldn't be too hard, and I'll probably earn more. This is my minimum, though. I need to save up for lots of big things I'm planning!
  • Get my blog post count up to 200 – That's 66 more posts in one year, which is definitely doable! I'm going to try to post more often than that, though. I really want to post 3-4 times a week, but sometimes I lack in motivation and inspiration.
  • Comment on more blogs – I'm such a serial lurker, it's not even funny. Along with Aisling, I'm going to try to comment on more blogs. My goal is 21 blogs a week4, and I'm going to keep track with a handy dandy spreadsheet. (Because seriously, I just love any excuse to make a spreadsheet.)
  • Write more – I have my NaNo novel, which I'm definitely going to have to scrap and rewrite from scratch for the 900th time5, and a new idea. I don't know how I'm going to balance the two, but I'm definitely going to make some time to write.
  • Clean my room – I've probably needed to do this for the past year, so I'm going to get around to this in chunks: realphabetise books6, organise clothes/donate old ones to charity7, clean desk (even though I just did that this summer), redo horrible disgusting closet8, clean/vaccuum floor, organise bedside table. I will most likely be documenting this journey on my Dreamwidth account.
  • Create at least three new designs and use them – I'm not great with Photoshop, but I figure I should make myself practice. This is going to average out to one design every four months, so hopefully I can keep it up. This means that I should probably get working on something soon!
  • Buy more clothes – I have very few clothes that actually fit me, due to wearing a uniform most days. I got some gift cards for Christmas, so I should be able to get a few things!
  • Figure out electives for next year – I'm going to be doing this within the next few weeks anyway, but it seems big to me. Universities will see next year's report card, so this is pretty important!
  • Keep track of money spent – I have an application on my iPod for this9, and I used to do it. I just stopped suddenly, so I'm going to start again. This will help me with my main monetary goal too!
  • Use an agenda – I stopped partway through this school year. I have no idea why. I just suck like that.
  • Pay the library – I've owed them $40 for a year. Enough said. (It would also let me get my card back, heh…)
  • Get my braces off – This doesn't really depend on me, more on my teeth, but it's possible. My dentist said 9-18 months when I got them in October, and they're going really fast so far. With any luck I might have them off before next school year!
  • Get my hair cut – Last time I had it cut was June 18, 2008. It's probably high time for a trim.

Happy new year to everyone! I hope 2010 brings everything you hope for. If you set any resolutions, I hope you achieve them. :D

  1. and nearly as crappy []
  2. which admittedly has no real use, but it's cool []
  3. which is where it should be []
  4. 3 a day []
  5. seriously, I've gone through at least 10 drafts of this stupid novel []
  6. I haven't been good about putting them in order in ages []
  7. I have so many clothes that don't fit, and I want to reorganise them; colour coding was a stupid idea []
  8. seriously, it's a nightmare []
  9. first I'll have to, you know, retrieve my iPod from the depths of rental car hell []
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Today I was walking home from a job interview1, and by "today" I mean "a few minutes ago". Here I am, minding my own business and walking down the street carrying a huge case of contact solution that I picked up at the mall, when a woman walks into me. From behind. Know why? Because she's texting.

Now, when people walk into me because they're texting, or when cars don't slow down at the crosswalk, I tend to give them a dirty look. That's justified, right? I mean, this woman walked into me. From behind! Because she was texting! So, of course, I shoot her a glare. And you know what she does? She shoots me a glare right back.

Yep, because I should have known that she was behind me, about to walk into me, all because she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Clearly it's my fault. God, Clem, why on Earth would you be pissed off at her? Seriously now.

People text too much.

There, I said it. It's true. I read an article about a girl who sends and receives 500 texts a day. Since I got my first phone 3 years ago, I don't know if I've even sent 500 texts total. And, yes, I realise I'm weird. I know people my age text a lot. But you know what? I don't like it.

I don't like walking down the street with my friend while she responds to the 85 billion incoming texts she has and trying to hold a conversation. I'll say something while she's texting, she'll look up and go "Huh?", I'll say, "Never mind," and she'll say, "No, no, really! I really want to know! What did you say?" Uh, if you really want to know, why don't you pay attention the first time? Why don't you NOT respond to texts for the ten minutes that it takes to walk home from the subway station? It can't be that urgent.

And texting during class? Please. Okay, maybe the occasional "oh my god I am dying of boredom in this stupid class", but if you text throughout the whole class and then complain to the teacher that you need another week before the test because you really, really, really don't get it, too bad for you. Some of us actually pay attention and do well on the test. (Okay, maybe I didn't do really, really, really well, but I genuinely do not understand many aspects of chemistry. I also have little desire to understand it.)

One last item in this little rant – texting during the Remembrance Day ceremony.

I'll just give you a little time to let that sink in.

Yes. It happened. Here we are, 2000 students2, listening to poems and speeches, when somebody's cell phone starts to ring. Their ring tone? My Humps, by the Black Eyed Peas. Really now. To top this off, my friend, standing next to me, was indeed texting. Now, I don't care if you hate war. I don't care if you don't think that the soldiers died for our freedom. They did die, and this is the time to respect them. You can't turn off your phone for fifteen minutes? Because, yeah, the ceremony was literally fifteen minutes long.

Honestly. I'm not saying nobody should ever text, but it seems like people are becoming incredibly dependent on their phones. Texting is an easy, convenient way to reach people, but it takes you away from the real world. Is it really necessary to be in contact with them all day long? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like sometimes it's nice to turn of your cell phone and live in the real world.

ETA: I did mean to add this to the original post as an aside, but I forgot. ANYWAY! Jem just had her daughter Isabel today, so YAAAAAY, CONGRATS!! :D

  1. I did get the job :D []
  2. my tiny school and the larger one that we share the building with []


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:46 pm
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On Tuesday, I stayed home from school. Why? I was getting braces. It's a bit late in the game; most of my friends have had their braces for a few years now, and are getting theirs off soon. Luckily, I'm only supposed to have mine for 9-18 months, so I should have them off before I graduate1.

Let me tell you something: braces hurt. They will probably also cause me to lose at least a little weight, due to the restrictions of what I can eat, especially right now. I cannot chew anything. Not chips2, not chicken wings3, not even relatively soft things like cooked carrots or cantaloupe. If it requires chewing, I can't eat it. So, for the past few days, I have been living exclusively on Jello, pudding, and soup.

I got my braces on 12:30 PM on Tuesday, and I had to go to my school at 6:30 to be a tour guide for the grade 8 open house. It was okay at first, but the pain started kicking in and it was a bit hard to concentrate. Luckily, my tour guiding partner is one of my friends, and the whole night was amazingly fun… too bad my teeth took away from it a bit!

Last night, it got so bad on my top teeth that I ended up lightly punching my lower jaw to make the pain even. (Um… yeah. It worked, okay?) I considered going to my orthodontist and begging her to take the stupid braces off, but then I remembered that I am not a quitter. Besides, I want to have nice teeth!

I feel so high tech now. Between my contacts and my new braces, I'm finally part of ~the modern age~. Unfortunately, those two things do slow me down in the morning… it takes a few minutes to put my contacts in, and brushing with braces is slow and a little painful!

  1. and maybe even before next school year []
  2. my mother bought me a bag of Doritos since it's Office night, but I can't eat them []
  3. I was invited to have some wings by someone I babysit for last night; I had to decline []
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In my Civics class, we recently watched a documentary called Sticks and Stones, which is mainly about how polarised left- and right-wing politics in the US are becoming. A lot of the students in my class found the documentary – and politics, in general – boring, but I really enjoyed watching it.

The documentary featured people like Ann Coulter ("We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity") and Bill "SHUT UP!" O'Reilly. I found the things Ann Coulter said to to the interviewer (CBC's Bob McKeown) pretty shocking, but I was completely unprepared for the things concerning Bill O'Reilly.

One man who had lost his father in 9/11 but who didn't support the war was on The O'Reilly Factor1. O'Reilly told him that the Afghans killed his father, which was bad enough – but when he told the man that his father wouldn't have agreed with him, that was just too much. I may or may not have shouted out, "Do you know his father? No? Then shut up, [expletive]."2 Then, they showed him having an argument with Toronto's Heather Mallick, telling her that they (the US) had destroyed France's economy (citing a financial journal that is, in fact, non-existent) and that he would do the same thing to Canada's economy… and that it would be her fault. He asked her if she was prepared to take the responsibility for the total collapse of our economy. (Funny, actually, considering the fact that they're still in a recession and we're doing just fine.)

I don't know precisely how to describe it, but seeing the exchange between Bill O'Reilly and Heather Mallick somehow fired me up. I've been considering journalism as a possible career for awhile now, and watching this documentary almost cemented this idea. And I know I don't want to be the kind of journalist who sits in a news room and talks about an art fair at a high school, or even the kind of journalist who sits in a news room and talks about war and violence. I want to be the kind of journalist who challenges people like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter. I want to go out there and have my voice heard. I want to change the way the media works. I want to make it truly fair and balanced, so that people like Bill O'Reilly can't just yell at people to shut up when they say something he doesn't like and still claim to be the "no spin zone". I want to make a difference in the world.

Although I know there's a possibility that I will change my mind, but I don't think I've ever been so sure of what I want to do with my life (and I've changed my mind a lot of times). I guess this could be called a crucial point in my life.

Do you know what you want to do with your life? If you do, when and how did you know for sure?

  1. supposedly the "no spin zone" – yeah, just like Fox is "fair and balanced" []
  2. My Civics teacher didn't mind – in fact, I think she agreed :P []
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I have not been having a great week. I won't go into details about much, but I will mention that I am having huge problems with a certain teacher. I have mentioned him before; I had him last year for two courses, and was a little on the dismayed side to find that I had him again for World Religions this year. Last year, he made a point of pushing his beliefs on us by saying things like (and I quote), "I'm not going to tell you to not eat meat – no, wait, I am. DON'T EAT MEAT," showing us videos about a slaughter house, and generally ignoring the curriculum in favour of these things; this year, he has insulted people who don't care about religion either way by saying that they are "ignorant, boring, and uninformed" and that he "hopes to change their opinions by the end of the year", as well as creationists, saying that they "don't display a sophisticated level of thinking". This makes me extremely uncomfortable to be in his class. If any class should be a safe space, it should be World Religions. It isn't a class about his personal opinion; it is a class where we're supposed to be learning about, you know, the religions of the world.

Yesterday, we had presentations. One group was missing a member due to H1N1; he said that they would have to present anyway. That's fair enough… what isn't fair is the fact that he told them that he expected them to present their partners' information. Apparently, we should all memorise every group member's part on the off chance that they're away. That definitely is not how a group project works; the point of doing it in a group is to split up the work.

That was the last straw for a friend and me. We decided to see the guidance counsellor about switching or dropping the class. Unfortunately, it's too late in the year to do anything about it. We can't even enroll for an online course instead. The guidance counsellor did allow us to voice our concerns, and she advised us to talk to the principal about him.

Today, I was helping out a grade 9 class. (They were learning to make websites, and I'm the head of the web team at my school.) My World Religions teacher came into the room and asked if he could see me after school. I immediately got freaked out, although I told him yes. The teacher whose class I was in1 asked me what he was talking to me about. I told him most of what I told the guidance counsellor, and he said that he understood and that if I had any problems I should definitely talk to him. I think it's interesting that none of the other teachers seem to be very fond of my World Religions teacher, and are not quick to defend him.

Anyway, I was already having a really bad day, so my best friend ended up finding the World Religions teacher and telling him that I was sick and needed to go home right away. He probably didn't buy it, but I don't think it's appropriate to corner a student and ask to speak to them about something that you had discussed in confidence with someone else.

This entry has gone completely off base from where I was originally going, which was to discuss how people hold back emotions. Because of the way this week has been so far, I've had a lot of strong emotions. My natural reaction to strong emotions? Crying. It's embarrassing, and I don't like it, but that's just how I apparently have to deal with my emotions. This is especially a problem when I'm mad. When I'm angry with someone and trying to express that, the last thing I need is to cry.

When I was about 10, I read Ender's Game. I remember virtually nothing about the book, but one thing that has stuck with me was the brief description of what Ender does when he feels like he is going to cry: he starts at 1, then doubles it, then doubles that.

Since then, that's always what I've done when I'm feeling upset. It helps me concentrate on something else, and it's also a good way to gauge how upset I'm feeling. I've memorised a lot of the sequence, so if it gets so bad that I actually have to do math in my head to figure out what the next number will be, I know that I am extremely close to tears.

Now I'm curious: do you try to hold back your emotions? If you do, how?

(And, because this post wasn't already all over the place, I'm doing NaNoWriMo! I've made a lot of progress so far, and I can afford to take around 2 days off since I'm so ahead.)

  1. who is in charge of the tech group, and who is awesome []
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I've complained about it before, but yesterday I finally did something about it. There were a few reasons, but once Facebook launched the news feed, I was over it. I do not need to know every person my friend adds. I don't need to know that someone in my English class is a fan of ice cream or that they joined the group "1,000,000 PEOPLE AGAINST THE NEW NEWS FEED!!!" (Like that ever works anyway.) I don't need to see every picture my friends are tagged in and I definitely do not need Facebook telling me to reconnect with people who went to my middle school and who I have never even connected with in the first place. Stop micromanaging me, plzkthx.

This has actually been easier than I expected. I deleted my shortcut link and now I'm not really tempted to go on. There are lots of ways to contact me should anyone have the need; my school has its own virtual bulletin board, so my peers can easily contact me through that. I don't need Facebook and I'm looking forward to seeing how long I can go without it.

(Oh, and I also had a job interview. Just so you all know.)

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I have a job interview tomorrow at 4:30! I'm pretty nervous. I guess I should start preparing for the regular questions. I also need two teacher references. I don't know if I can get them by tomorrow...

I also have to pick up my new contacts tomorrow after my interview. This morning when I was putting them in, I thought the left one was in. I blinked and I saw it fall to the floor, but I couldn't find it and I was in a rush (I had a meeting with my principal at 8:00 - not for anything bad, though :P) so I had to leave. My dad searched for a long time, but he couldn't find it either so he just ordered a new pair. I feel so stupid. I've had them for a grand total of 4 days and I already need a new pair. Apparently I have not yet mastered the art of putting them in.

Annnd that is that.
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I'm still not feeling 100% great, but I think the worst of my cold is over. Now it's time to answer all of your questions!

Alice asked: If you could change one thing about Canada, what would it be?
Honestly, I'd change our leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He's part of the Conservative party, which is an automatic strike against him in my mind. He's cut funding for arts and is not huge on gay rights – in fact, even after same-sex marriage was allowed here (yay!), he tried to get rid of it! Not cool. Other than that, maybe the winter. :P I'm not really a huge fan of the cold weather, especially since I now have a bit of a walk from the subway stop to my school – not fun in November through March!

Krissy asked: What was your very first e-mail address? (I still remember mine, and I LOL every time I think about it. It was laaaame.)
I'm not sure what the website was (maybe, but the username was klemee. Yep. I was seven, and I thought it would be super cool and edgy to spell "Clemmie" in a ~kreativ~ way. That's actually kind of embarrassing!

You've decided to run away and join the circus. What would your act be? Tight-rope walking? Training tigers to jump through flaming hoops? Something awesomer?
Oh, man, this is a hard one. So many of the acts would be fun! I don't have the ability to do most of them, but if that wasn't an issue, I think I'd be a trapeze artist. I've always wanted to fly, and that seems like the next best thing.

An evil witch has put a spell on you and is turning you into an animal. You get to pick which animal you want to be for the rest of your life. What animal would you choose?
My first instinct is to say "a cat". My cats have such a sweet life. They sleep for most of the day, get tonnes of love and affection from my family, and always have more than enough food. What's not to love about that?

Amanda asked: If you were a nineties pop queen, which would you be? Options: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Billie Piper.
I've spent a good chunk of my week thinking about this. (You know you're cool when…) In the end, I think I'd be Mandy Moore. I have a hard time identifying with the others (though I kind of love Britney – shh, don't tell anyone!), I guess because they're less ~wholesome~. I hate to use that word, but it's the only way I can think to put it!

Meg asked: What brands of toothpaste/shampoo/perfume do you use?
I use Colegate toothpaste, but I'm not picky; anything minty is fine by me! My brother uses watermelon flavoured toothpaste, which I find disgusting, and I've had to use my cousin's Disney princess bubblegum toothpaste on occasion – also pretty gross. Plus, minty toothpaste makes my mouth feel fresh and clean. My shampoo is Herbal Essences. I don't use anything from their specialty lines, because I don't have really dry hair or anything like that; I just use Drama Clean. As for perfume, Josh can attest to the fact that I hate perfume/cologne!

Who's your favorite celebrity? Least favorite?
Ahhh, this is hard! There are so many people to choose from! Least favourite is pretty easy – I'd probably say Miley Cyrus. I know that's a pretty cliche answer, but she really bugs me. She's not a horrible person or anything, just really annoying. As for favourite… hmm… I'm not really a superfan of any huge celebrities! I think I'll go with Ellen Page, because she's talented, adorable, and Canadian. :D

What are some things you would never do?
Another hard question! You suck, Meg. :P Honestly, I'd be willing to give most things a try. I'd definitely never run for president1, for one thing. (Although I'm Canadian, I could run for president since I meet the requirements of being a natural-born citizen.) The pressures and responsibilities are way too scary. I wouldn't get a tattoo on my neck or face – or anywhere that I couldn't easily cover up, really. In fact, I would be hesitant about getting a tattoo at all in case I changed my mind about it later. Unless something really amazing happens, I will never convert to any religion. I will never pay to watch the Leafs live – they lose 99% of their games2, yet people will pay hundreds of dollars to see them. I would, however, pay to see the Flames. I will never be a Twilight fan. And… I'm finding it really hard to think of more things to add to this list!

Regina asked: Ninjas or Pirates, who would win?
Hmm… pirates have the weapons, but ninjas have the stealth. I'm going to say the ninjas.

Cherlynn asked: if you were given the power to create a utopia, what would you create?
I'd say that the most important things are political and personal freedom. Everyone should have the right to vote, voice their opinions, run for office, or otherwise get involved. Just as importantly, nobody should be discriminated against based on religion, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, or anything else. Also, free health care for everyone! Of course, I'd make sure there were enough cats to go around, as well as unicorns and rainbows and a pot bellied pig named Jeremy. *nod*

Dayna asked: If you have $100,000, how would you use it?
I would definitely donate some to charity – probably to Animal Services (not the SPCA; the one in my city has ridiculous rules for adoption eligibility and actually doesn't treat the animals very well!), but I could see myself donating to a number of charities. I would buy myself an amazing camera and computer, too, as well as go on a shopping spree. I would also use it to pay for my university education in a few years. I also have a few trips I'd love to go on – London to see the 2012 Olympics as well as a road trip across the US with my friends.

Lucy asked: Pepsi or Coke?
This is a funny question, since I haven't had either in over 10 years. I'm not a pop person – carbonated drinks make my stomach hurt and my throat burn. The last time I had Coke was at a party when I was about 5; it made me throw up, and I haven't had it since then. I don't think I've ever had Pepsi! I guess my answer is "neither".

If you knew you could not fail, what would be one thing you would do?
Another hard question – or maybe I'm just indecisive. Honestly, I'd be up for doing pretty much anything if I couldn't fail! :P I'd love to go bungee jumping; I'll probably end up doing it some day anyway, but knowing that I couldn't fail would motivate me to do it right away.

Lastly, if you were to be given the choice between invisibility, the ability to fly, or telepathic powers, what would you choose?

I'd love to have all of those powers, but I'd definitely pick the ability to fly. It would make getting to school so much simpler!

Kaylee asked: If you could design the uniform for your school, what would all the students wear? (Or would you choose to go with no uniforms?)
Firstly, for anyone who doesn't know, my uniform is very relaxed and is made up of a lot of pieces that can be mixed and matched. Without exception, I wear a white oxford shirt, unbuttoned to reveal a t-shirt underneath it (almost always blue, green, or red), along with a pair of navy blue skinny jeans3.

I don't think I'd get rid of the uniform. Lots of people at my school complain about it, but I actually like it. I don't have to think about what to wear in the morning, and it makes me feel less judged, since we all have to wear the same few pieces. I would make a few changes, though. Firstly, the logo on the shirts! It's hideous and not at all subtle. I'd shrink it and make it prettier and far less obvious. Secondly, the colour of the pants! It's such a pain to try to find navy blue pants that aren't denim. I've only managed to find two pairs of suitable pants, both at H&M. My mom goes in there a few times a week and buys whatever size 4-6 navy blue pants she can find, then brings them home for me to try on. I would allow students to wear either black pants or dark wash denim jeans without anything on the back pockets. I'd also like to change the rule that the shirt underneath your oxford shirt has to be a uniform colour; navy blue, hunter green, and burgundy aren't the prettiest colours in the world! Luckily, only my vice principal and about three or four teachers care about the shirt underneath.

If you could change one thing you've done in the past, what would it be (if anything)?
This is interesting. I would consider changing certain things about my past, but not things that I've done.

Was there ever a time when you addressed your teachers by last name? If you talk to adults outside of school, does it feel different/weird to address them by something other than their first name?
When I first read this question, it seriously made me smile. You and your fixation, Kaylee. :P I did indeed address my teachers the regular way from kindergarten to grade 8. There are alternative schools from grades 4-84 that operate the same way my high school does, but I attended ~normal~ schools. As for the last question, I don't really have contact with adults who I'm not allowed to call by their first name! They're all close family friends or family; even my friends' parents ask me to call them by their first names.

Manda asked: Cake or ice cream?
Ice cream, no contest. I can't even eat cake without ice cream! Cake is too rich for my liking, and I have to have a small piece or I start to feel sick.

  1. or prime minister []
  2. okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little here []
  3. not denim []
  4. I don't think any younger than that? []
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Guess what? It's suddenly cold out. Know what that means? I'm sick – really sick.

Without exception, I get a cold when the weather changes. It doesn't matter if it's going from cold to hot or hot to cold; if it changes, I get sick. So, since the beginning of October brought hideously cold weather, I'm sick.

It got cold a lot sooner than it usually does here. My school hasn't even turned its heating on yet. All last week, it was 16-18 degrees. They're not turning on the heat until after Thanksgiving. This equals a very cold and very uncomfortable Clemmie. (To put things into perspective, that is 16-18 degrees Celcius and Canadian Thanksgiving – but still!) When possible, I've been wearing two sweatshirts: an oversized grey one that I bought this summer1 and my friend's navy blue uniform sweatshirt. Unfortunately, sometimes he has class in a particularly cold room at the same time that I do, in which case he takes back his hoodie and I'm left without a warm uniform piece. Most of my teachers have been pretty nice about letting students be out of uniform due to the disgustingly cold building… but not all of them. On Monday, after I'd already been sick for a few days, my World Religions teacher made me take off my hoodie. I was visibly shivering, and I told him I was feeling sick, but he still made me. I was freezing and completely uncomfortable for the entire class.

When I got home that day, I was a mess. I felt absolutely terrible. I haven't had a cold this bad in years. In fact, I've been home from school for two days. The last time I missed two days of school due to sickness was probably at least five years ago. Now that it's 3:30pm on my second day home, I don't feel any better.

Today while watching Project Runway2, I realised that my head feels like a snow globe. It's like somebody's given in a big shake, and now there are random bits swirling around. To make everything a million times worse, I have a sore throat and sound a lot like a chain smoker3 and my left side hurts so much that I can't move without pain. It even hurts to sit in some positions!

I guess you can count this as my apology for not posting for awhile. I'm feeling very tired and demotivated; consider this your explanation if I don't post again for a long time!

  1. I have a thing for oversized grey hoodies []
  2. I now own Season 1 AND Season 2, even though I've already seen each 5-6 times []
  3. or Miley Cyrus – same type of voice, really []
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Nicole: :P
he sits behind me
me: ewewwwwwwwwwwwww
Nicole: i know
he sat behind me in grade six
i remember he answered a question and everyone thought he saud condom instead of honda and he got mad and cried
he pounded on the desk
me: omg
i just spit out my tea
that is the best
Nicole: lol
  it was
  we were allll laughing so hard when he left
  even mr.g was like wow
 me: lol he left the room?
 Nicole: whats wrong with him
 me: WOW
 Nicole: to drink
me: lol
  oh man
  i feel mean for laughing
  out of all things to cry over
Nicole: lol i know
 me: does he have deep underlying psychological issues or something?
 Nicole:  lol i dont know
  he doesnt cry anymore when answering questions

And as a bonus, the part where I told Nicole that Brock won )
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I've mentioned in the past that I don't mind wearing my school uniform. It makes life easy for me (except for the fact that it's IMPOSSIBLE to find non-hideous navy blue pants!), and my uniform is pretty relaxed. It allows to me to express a bit of individuality (I can wear whatever shirt I want underneath my oxford shirt; most teachers don't make me button up) without making it hard to decide what to wear.

However, I've found that it has one major downside.

This summer, I was shocked by how few articles of clothing I had. After a year of wearing the same thing every day (and usually PJs on the weekends!), not much fit me. I just hadn't noticed because I never really wore my regular clothes during the school year.

Now that school's started again and I'm forced to wear my uniform for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I suddenly want to wear regular clothes whenever I have the chance. That's kind of a problem when you have two pairs of jeans and five t-shirts that you wear during the week anyway. Looks like I need to go shopping soon!

(Oh, and because Korey told me to write about this, my right toes are fancier than my left because the toenail on the big toe is very sharp. No reason, it just is. This is actually a secret weapon that I can use when people are annoying me. It's very effective and equally unexpected!)

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School started on Tuesday for lots of people. I guess this is the obligatory "here are my classes" post. I'm going to try to be brief about this, because I don't want to bore you guys with the descriptions of my courses!

Period A: English. This class seems pretty cool so far. We already had to write one essay for it – "Should Canada join the United States?" The teacher is laid-back, and he allows you to rewrite and resubmit assignments if you get a bad mark.

Period B: Science. As you may know, I despise science. I know it's important, and it *can* be fascinating, but they way the curriculum is set out, I really don't find it enjoyable. My science teacher is a really cool person, though, so hopefully he'll make it somewhat interesting!

Period C: Anthropology. This is definitely an exciting course. The teacher is funny and nice (she can't believe she gets paid for teaching, and she hates holidays because she misses her students), and the material is really interesting so far. Today we did a quick introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, an Sociology. We had to read an article about the École Polytechnique Massacre and read different opinions about what made Marc Lépine murder all those women.

Period D: Civics. This is a mandatory course here, and it's half a year (and half a credit). The other half is Careers. Basically, we're learning about the government. Today we talked about Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst yesterday during President Obama's speech. (In case you didn't know, he yelled out "YOU LIE!" during the middle of the speech.) It was a pretty interesting discussion.

Period E: Canadian History. Let me tell you something: I don't like history very much. I am not a huge fan of ancient history, and Canadian History is generally SUPER SUPER boring. But this is from WWI to present times, which is a general time period that I'm very interested in. I'm definitely looking forward to WWII, and I really hope we manage to squeeze in the unit on 9/11.

Period F: World Religions. I was really excited to have this class, but it's taught by a teacher who I had last year for two classes and hated. I'm trying to enjoy the course, but he doesn't really know what he's talking about and it's a bit hard to get into.

Period G: Photography. I attended photography camp for two summers and got to develop my own film, so of course I jumped at the chance to do this all year! Our first assignment is to go to TIFF (whenever we want) and take pictures of celebrities. So, basically, we're seeing what it's like to be a Paparazzo. It's a pretty cool assignment. My friends and I are going to go there before the screening of Jennifer's Body to try to get pictures of Megan Fox.

Period H: I have the same class and teacher that I had last year, so it's still awesome. My teacher still has her awesome sign up, too! Today was my first math class and I already have a huge packet of math questions, but I kind of like algebra, so I'm not upset.

My vice principal is still an annoying uniform Nazi, too. Today she yelled at me for having navy blue skinny jeans. She said I HAVE TO wear the dress pants, even though the uniform code clearly says that any navy bottoms that aren't denim are acceptable. I just rolled my eyes at her.

Despite the fact that I dislike my vice principal quite intensely, I'm really enjoying school so far. I'm sure my opinion will change in a few months, but I'm having a good time now.

If you're going to school, are you enjoying it too, or is it not so great?

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Facebook quiz!

25: A pretty peffect age to get married. Old enough to live on your own, and not so old that you wasted to much of your life, yay for you!!!

So if you don't get married you waste your life?

*has nothing else to say besides ARMAGADS SCHOOL*
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The other night I realised that I haven't had a proper dream in months. I used to have the regular "wow that was random" dreams every night; now I generally don't have dreams1. When I do, they're nightmares.

About a year ago, I had a dream that made me wake up in tears. This was the first time that had ever happened to me. In the dream, I was in a car with two of my friends and one mysterious person. My friend was driving, and she crashed the car. Our faces were all bloody and shredded, and we were crying and begging the driver to tell us something. Apparently she knew something about the accident that we didn't. When I woke up, I really was crying!

I had another dream a few weeks ago that had the same effect. I don't really remember the details, but one of my friends kept shaking me and telling me she was sorry. Apparently it really disturbed me, because I wasn't able to calm down very easily even after I woke up! Two nights ago, I had a dream about attending a funeral. I really don't know what brought that on, but it was apparently upsetting to me, since I woke up crying.

I also occasionally have recurring dreams. When I was around 6-10, I would have dreams every few months about a dragon in my school's library. Everyone was scared, but I would always go up and talk to it, and I would end up climbing on it and sliding down its back.

Now my recurring dreams are without fail very unpleasant. They always have to do with being unable to open my combination lock. I think this is because I was unable to open it on the first day of middle school2, and it's just transferred over to my subconscious mind. In these dreams, I end up spending so long trying to open my lock that I miss at least one class, and generally a chunk of another. As school gets closer, I find myself having these dreams more often3.

Do you also have recurring dreams? Do you ever wake up crying after having a bad dream? Do you even remember your dreams?

  1. or don't remember them []
  2. because I suck []
  3. which is weird because I'm excited for school! []



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