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I cleaned my desk a few weeks ago after months of it just being a place to dump all my stuff (including sheets - no wonder my cat liked to sleep there). I took pictures of the process and finally decided to post them, inspired by [personal profile] disalarming's thread on VegOpt about how surprising it is to clean your room and realise that there are actually surfaces. :P

I apologise in advance for the grainy and badly-lit pictures. I REALLY WANT A NEW CAMERA. ;_;

We will start things of with cuteness. My kitties wanted to help me, apparently - that or they're secretly puppies who follow their owner everywhere.

Jet is even interested in my pencil case. :D

No point to this other than the AWW factor.

Annnd, before. As you can see, not only is the desk a disaster, the floor around it is too! Fun!

A breakdown of everything on my desk, so you can see how ridiculous it is:

A pile of magazines. As you can probably see, this one is particularly useless because a) it has been cut up, and b) it's LAST AUGUST'S issue.

1. Oragami paper/other pretty paper that I bought at The Paper Place.
2. A huge stack of random papers. (The one on top is a treasure map that my cousin drew for me.)

Photos. Yes. About 500 of them. I'm a pack rat. :P

Various books - I'd say about 6 or 7 of them.

Schoolwork, all from this past year. METRIC TONNES OF IT.

Pencils and pencil cases.

Old workbooks (here I can see my health book and my French book) and my agenda

Notebooks. I have about 40 of them, so that's just a small sampling of what actually ended up on or around my desk. The notebooks are sitting on top of my Zwipes binder.

Photo albums and two yearbooks from my middle school.


1. Stuffed animal that my friend sewed for me. 2. T-shirt that I never wear. 3. Ballet flats that I have never worn and never will because they hurt my feet quite significantly. 4. My glasses case. 5. Moo cards. 6. A hook shaped like a finger (it was in my stocking at Christmas :P). 7. Case for my old iPod Nano; I have had an iPod Touch for over a year now, so... 8. A mouse named Sock. 9. Paper lantern. 10. Fairy wings that are ripped from being caught on my locker and pulled out quite aggressively. 11. Envelope that came with something I ordered off of Etsy. 12. Glow sticks (and on top of the glow sticks, a C for my C collection). 13. A venus fly trap that I got for Christmas about 5 years ago and haven't planted yet. 14. Tissue paper. TONS OF TISSUE PAPER that my cats love to rip up. 15. ... my fairy wings, again. 16. A random large stick.

More random schoolwork! (Um, okay, the Junie thing was me getting bored in math class, but it was in my binder, so it's schoolwork! :D)

Marks for phys ed (I GOT AN A, WHICH IS A MIRACLE), my schedule for last year, some other random school work, and my leg. :)

I definitely think we should stop getting so much work in school, because it is killing trees and it's a tragedy.


Everything after I sorted it into piles.

After I sorted everything, my desk was pretty and usable again!

Other areas of my room that could use cleaning:

The area on the right of my bed.

The top of my dresser.

My book shelf.

My bedside table.

I used to be really organised, but I stopped caring. :P



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