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Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The twenty-first song's first line is the title.

I don't want us to have a fight
A beautiful poem by Clementine the Awesome
Not inspired by ANYTHING at all. Just written by my SOUL, because I am deep like that.

Out on the wall sounds of banging is constant coming from your head
Before electric light
And I wanna believe you when you tell me that it'll be okay
You know everything that I'm afraid of
If you walk away I'll wake away
We were talking about the space between us all
Sea lion woman
I don't wanna hurt you cause I don't think it's a virtue
You've got her in your pocket
I saw her, yeah I saw her with her black tongue tied round the roses
Paperback writer, paperback writer
Long ago and oh so far away I fell in love with you before the second show
Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Three little birds sat on my window
He gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine
If I don't recover sell this house and find something else outside your window
Oh, great intentions
I'm taking you all down with me
Seventeen and strung out on confusion
We'll be round your house wasting your time

lol Avril Lavigne. And the last three are all Green Day, THANKS SHUFFLE. Out of 900+ songs, you pick three in a row from the same album. Douche.
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As a general rule, I do not like cheese and I don't appreciate the ~sentimental value~ of a lot of things. However, Christmastime brings out the cheesiness in me. Ever since I was little, I've always been full of Christmas spirit1, this warm, fuzzy feeling that I can't properly describe. You'd think I'd have grown out of it the same year that I was finally able to sleep easily on Christmas Eve, or maybe the year that I became Santa, eating the snacks my younger cousins (ages 4, 6, and 7) left for him. But, no, I still have a lot of Christmas spirit and I still love that cheesy feeling.

I love all the Christmassy ads on TV and on websites. In fact, when looking up an adjective for "cheesy" on

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About a month ago, I mentioned that Aisling's cousin Brock was on The Next Star, a Canadian singing competition. For those of you who are interested, yesterday was the finale1. Unfortunately, Brock did not win. :(

I'm not going to lie – I'm disappointed. I did invest quite a bit of time into voting for him; I lost count ages ago, but I'd say I voted around 1200-1500 times2. To make it worse, I genuinely don't think the winner is particularly talented. Yes, she is a better singer than I am3. But, honestly, I find her voice quite average. I would be less upset if somebody else had won, like Darrelyne. I personally feel like she would at least have deserved it, based on her talent. I find it really strange that Darrelyne was constantly in last place during the voting process, when I found her to be one of the most talented people on the show.

Honestly, I hope that Tianda, the winner, is able to make something out of this. It would be a shame if the opportunity was wasted, especially since it could have gone to somebody else. I also hope that the other contestants will be able to use this opportunity to their advantage. I'm sure Brock will make some sort of a career out of this – he certainly has the talent, and he already has a lot of fans! (I bought his single off of iTunes! :P ) I hope the others will be able to get something out of it too. :D

So… yes, I'm sad. I did spent a lot of time voting. At first, it was just to make Aisling happy, but by the end of it, I got really into it! I even watched an episode of the show so I could see who I was voting for. :P I probably wouldn't even care so much, but he's Aisling's cousin! It would have been amazing for him to win. Regardless, I'm sure he'll turn this into something good.

(Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted! :D It makes me happy that people from as far away as Singapore were voting.)

  1. and it was in my city – I could have gone! []
  2. YES, I KNOW []
  3. though that's not saying much! []


Sep. 14th, 2009 05:54 pm
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I listened to 3 albums yesterday. I'm going to write down my thoughts here, so that I remember what I think of them. :P

I listened to One Cell in the Sea by A Fine Frenzy. It was EXCELLENT. It's exactly the kind of music I love. I have no idea why I never listened to this album before! I didn't really have any ~favourites~ pop up yet, but I'll listen to it again later and see if there are any songs that really speak to me.

Then I listened to Anjulie's self-titled CD. It's kind of... I don't really know how to describe it, but totally not my usual thing. I really enjoyed it, though. Her voice is nice and it's really catchy stuff. I don't know if I'll listen to it regularly, but I'll definitely keep it on my iPod and recommend it to people. Songs that stood out to me were Boom, Colombia, and Jamba.

Lastly, I listened to Notes from the Underworld by Persephone's Bees. It was SO good! The first song reminded me soooo much of Tegan and Sara. I knew I was going to love them about thirty seconds into it. :P The first song (Way to Your Heart) was the best, imo, but the rest is really good. One song is in Russian (?), which is really cool.
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I added about 200 songs to my iTunes library. Whenever I do this, I tend to kind of let them all fall by the wayside, so I'm going to make a list of albums that I have. Anything in bold is something that I have never (properly) listened to and really need to. Anything italicised indicates that I don't have the full album (almost always due to mix CDs, once in awhile just because I only like one or two songs *coughKatyPerrycough*). I'll use underline to indicate albums that I love, just in case anybody is reading this and wants some music. Oh, and I will put an asterisk next to anything that makes me go, "Uhh... what the hell is this?" Also, if you are for some reason reading this post months after I make it, anything striked it out is something I've actually listened to. :D

This will be alphabetical by artist and then album.

huge list under le cut )

Also, if anybody would like any of this, um... *cough* nudge me.



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