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Facebook quiz!

25: A pretty peffect age to get married. Old enough to live on your own, and not so old that you wasted to much of your life, yay for you!!!

So if you don't get married you waste your life?

*has nothing else to say besides ARMAGADS SCHOOL*
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Whoever you are, I love you and you should probably identify yourself so I can love you even more.


Jul. 6th, 2009 04:46 pm
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I just found this post. I won't link to it, because my site's on maintenance mode. I'll just post the important parts.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not an interesting enough person to maintain a blog. My life isn't anything special—I'm just another high school student, and I don't want to blog about how much I hate science or how I'm doing exceptionally well in math right now.

I sometimes have mildly interesting ideas, but I either blog about them (therefore running out of fascinating blog topics) or can't quite figure out how to properly put them into words.

Pretty much why I gave up on it.

I have considered taking an extended break, but I don't think I could stay away for too long.

I was so, so wrong. Although maybe the fact that I post here doesn't count - but my DW/LJ accounts are SO different from my normal blog! I'd never post anything in this journal on my blog. This is for posts that I don't want the whole world seeing, and just random memes, etc.

I'm finding it quite easy to NOT blog, actually.


Jun. 25th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Why are both LJ and Twitter down? Hello? How else am I supposed to occupy my time? *annoys cat by trying to play with him*



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