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I know I've been posting a lot of Christmas-related entries lately, but, hey, 'tis the season, right? Here is another one for you. This one is another story. It's not funny, however. It's a heartwarming tale of love between two siblings.

You may know that I have a brother, who we will call Bighead. Bighead is three years younger than me. This means that we're pretty close, especially at this point. (A few years ago, a three-year age gap was more significant than it is now.)

When Bighead was in kindergarten, his class wrote letters to Santa. (I remember doing this too.) Now, I don't know how it works in other places, but in Canada, you write to "Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0HO".1 Then, some poor postal worker has to fill out form letter after form letter with children's names. Some of them will write a short line on the bottom to show that they sort of read the letter, like "P.S. I hope you get that PS3 you wanted!" So, Bighead wrote his letter in his 5-year-old handwriting2 and gave it to his teacher to mail to Santa.

I don't know what exactly happened, but all the kids started receiving their letters back and Bighead didn't have one. Maybe his teacher lost it; maybe the post office lost it. All I know is that he never got a letter from the post office Santa. He was quite devastated, so one evening I decided to make him feel better. By this point, I was 8 and knew that there was no Santa, so I decided to be Santa.3 I got out my green pen4 and wrote him a long, personalised letter in a fancy script. Then I put it into a red envelope5 and handed it to my mom.

She knew exactly what to do. She went to the front hallway and came out a minute later with the letter in her hand. She called my brother and told him that she found this letter, and it was addressed to him, and she must have missed it that morning when she got the mail.

Bighead was delighted. He ripped open the letter and devoured every word, fully believing that Santa Claus had written it to him. He brought it to school the next day and made every single five-year-old child jealous that they got back form letters6 and he got back a REAL LIVE LETTER FROM SANTA.

  1. Our postal codes are 6 characters, alternating between a letter and a digit. []
  2. which has barely improved []
  3. Now I really am Santa; I eat the snacks my small cousins leave out for him, which makes me kind of sad. I left snacks for him until I was 13. []
  4. because green is a Christmas colour []
  5. because red is also a Christmas colour []
  6. they knew the letters weren't real; they weren't stupid []
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The other day, my mother told me that she had something for me. I was quite curious, since she doesn't generally just buy me things. She presented me with a Tinkerbell advent calendar, and I may or may not have screamed like a five-year-old.

Now, see, I really, really, really wanted that advent calendar. (Feel free to judge me for having a mental age of five.) I worked on Sunday the 30, so a lot of people were (understandably) buying advent calendars for their kids. I decided that I absolutely must have one, so I came home and hinted strongly that I would definitely like a Tinkerbell advent calendar, and that my brother might like the NHL one that we also happened to have in stock.

Last night at work, somebody was buying a Transformers advent calendar. It's a little late for that, but at least his son (I'm assuming, but you never know) will have a few days' worth of chocolate to eat all at once. Anyway, so as I handed him the receipt, I looked at him to see if he was the kind of person you can joke around with. You can tell most of the time. If a customer smiles at you when you look at them, they are cool and you can talk to them. If they stare at you coldly and look like they're thinking "Give me my damn receipt, already", then you can't. This guy smiled at me, so I told him, "I have one of these at home."

He could have said any number of things, such as "How old are you? *incredulous stare*", "Really?", "Cool…", or "Oh." However, he did not say any number of things. He said, "Which one?"

I smiled because it's little things like this that make being a cashier bearable and told him, "The Tinkerbell one." Then I told him that my mother bought it for me. He told me to enjoy it.

So what was the point of that story? I have no idea. I guess I just wanted to share the little bit of happiness I got from my job, and maybe the excitement that this advent calendar is bringing me. Because you know what? It has 32 DAYS OF CHOCOLATE!! (It also includes a countdown to the new year.) Let's just chalk it up to me wanting to spread the holiday cheer. I know, I'm so thoughtful.

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So, I saw New Moon on Saturday. Why am I only blogging about it now? Well, normally it would just be that I am lazy; this time it's because my computer, after suffering its own series of unfortunate events, finally crapped out completely, with the keyboard breaking. Now, I don't know if you've tried to use a computer without a keyboard, but it's hard to get anything done, let alone blog. I ended up having to reformat, and all the problems I was having with it appear to be fixed.

Anyway! That was not the point of this post. I am just good at getting myself off track.

So, New Moon. I saw Twilight last year and was thoroughly entertained by it. I was not expecting to be blown away by the acting or the plot, and I wasn't. I just thought it was so funny that I didn't mind spending $12.50 on a ticket to see it for a second time only two weeks later. It was just that hilarious. The general opinion seems to be that New Moon is better, so I was semi excited to go see it, thinking that if it wasn't unintentionally funny it might actually be okay.

And… no. Just no. It was horrible. I was so happy to get the day off work so I could go see it, and I was completely disappointed. It wasn't that funny, deliberately or otherwise. The acting was just plain bad. The pacing was completely off. Everyone looked way uglier than they did in Twilight. (What? I'm allowed to be superficial.)

The movie started off nicely enough. The opening scene certainly looked pretty, although I nearly threw up in my mouth when I saw Edward. I really think they need to lay off the white makeup – and it would probably be smart to get rid of the crimson lipstick, too. I also found it funny that Charlie bought Bella a $250 camera, while Renee bought her a scrapbook.

I had a good laugh when Edward walked in slow motion near the beginning of the movie, and I cheered quietly when Bella told Edward that he was creepy (since he is 109 years old). The effect was kind of lost when she decided that she wasn't actually serious enough about this thought to, you know, act on it or anything.

Other things that didn't make sense: 1) Bella gets a papercut (that bleeds like WHOA; that is not what a papercut is like, okay?), which is not such a huge deal – and Edward flips his shit and throws her against the wall, causing her to bleed even more. Wow, that was smart, Edward! Let's make her BLEED ALL OVER THE PLACE in a room of RAVENOUS VAMPIRES. Good job, buddy! 2) When Edward leaves, Bella runs after him and the screen gets darker1 until she finally curls up to… die? Who knows. 3) Bella screams every night, apparently having nightmares about Edward dumping her or something equally horrifying. Now, okay, maybe people scream when they're having bad dreams, but I'm pretty sure they don't scream like that. 4) When Bella throws Jacob a piece of pizza, he catches it and it turns into a wrench. This confused my friend so much tha she can't stop talking about how much she hated that part. 4) Jacob: "Oh, by the way, Harry Clearwater had a heart attack." Bella: "Oh. Is he okay?" Jacob: "Eh, you know, he's gone. Now let's get you into some dry clothes." Uh… really? Nobody is at all upset by this? I realise that this is just a plot device to get Edward to freak out when he hears that Charlie is "planning a funeral" (which he thinks is Bella's), but it could have been just a tiny bit more believable.

Things that I found hilarious: 1) The first time Jacob took his shirt off. I'm told that people at other screenings screamed and yelled various things about how hot Taylor Lautner is. At my screening, the theater burst into a mutual round of laughter. It's just so ridiculous. He's bending down next to Bella after she cuts her head open, and suddenly he stands up and whips his shirt off? This was apparently to dab the blood off of her forehead (although it didn't seem to help much), but it was completely out of the blue. 2) When Jane starts torturing Edward. His facial expressions? Priceless. I'm pretty sure the only word to describe how he looks is "constipated". 3) The fact that the movie that Bella, Mike, and Jake go to see is called Face Punch. I mean, really? Really? Need I even say more?

Now, let's talk about the pacing! Oh my god, the pacing! The Laurent plot point takes up, oh, three minutes. It's over nearly as soon as it starts. Twilight (movie) was decent that way – in the book, it's just a bunch of "omg I love you but you want to eat me but omg I don't care make me into a vampire omg you're so beautiful and you sparkle omg", followed by Stephenie Meyer's eventual realisation that this may need to have a plot somewhere (like, say, after 250 pages); in the movie, there was some foreshadowing. In New Moon? Not so much. It's a very literal interpretation of the book. This is a problem, since the books kind of suck.

The acting, as I mentioned, was just awful. I can get very, very into movies, to the point of feeling actual fear/elation/whatever, if the acting is good. I mean… sometimes, it's not like I'm watching a movie. It's like it's actually happening. While I was watching New Moon, the whole thing just felt like watching people act. Awkwardly. Which was what it was, of course. Kristen Stewart is just not a good actress. People thought she did a better job in this movie, but I didn't see it. Robert Pattinson2 isn't much better. His "American" accent really gets in the way of my enjoyment – and let's face it, he's not a very good actor anyway. I found all the Cullens as awkward as they were in Twilight. The only standout performance for me was Charlie, although I thought Taylor Lautner did a good job too.

I thought the movie version of Twilight was surprisingly decent, and not just because it was funny. It emphasised the novel's few good points and did its best to detract from the many problems. In New Moon, this just didn't happen. It was the most boring book in the series, in my opinion, and the movie was just as bad.

  1. I was not fooled; it did not look like it was becoming night. It looked like the screen was getting darker. []
  2. as much as I kind of love him for saying how ridiculous Twilight is []
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Nicole: :P
he sits behind me
me: ewewwwwwwwwwwwww
Nicole: i know
he sat behind me in grade six
i remember he answered a question and everyone thought he saud condom instead of honda and he got mad and cried
he pounded on the desk
me: omg
i just spit out my tea
that is the best
Nicole: lol
  it was
  we were allll laughing so hard when he left
  even mr.g was like wow
 me: lol he left the room?
 Nicole: whats wrong with him
 me: WOW
 Nicole: to drink
me: lol
  oh man
  i feel mean for laughing
  out of all things to cry over
Nicole: lol i know
 me: does he have deep underlying psychological issues or something?
 Nicole:  lol i dont know
  he doesnt cry anymore when answering questions

And as a bonus, the part where I told Nicole that Brock won )
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I've mentioned in the past that I don't mind wearing my school uniform. It makes life easy for me (except for the fact that it's IMPOSSIBLE to find non-hideous navy blue pants!), and my uniform is pretty relaxed. It allows to me to express a bit of individuality (I can wear whatever shirt I want underneath my oxford shirt; most teachers don't make me button up) without making it hard to decide what to wear.

However, I've found that it has one major downside.

This summer, I was shocked by how few articles of clothing I had. After a year of wearing the same thing every day (and usually PJs on the weekends!), not much fit me. I just hadn't noticed because I never really wore my regular clothes during the school year.

Now that school's started again and I'm forced to wear my uniform for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I suddenly want to wear regular clothes whenever I have the chance. That's kind of a problem when you have two pairs of jeans and five t-shirts that you wear during the week anyway. Looks like I need to go shopping soon!

(Oh, and because Korey told me to write about this, my right toes are fancier than my left because the toenail on the big toe is very sharp. No reason, it just is. This is actually a secret weapon that I can use when people are annoying me. It's very effective and equally unexpected!)

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Facebook quiz!

25: A pretty peffect age to get married. Old enough to live on your own, and not so old that you wasted to much of your life, yay for you!!!

So if you don't get married you waste your life?

*has nothing else to say besides ARMAGADS SCHOOL*
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Here's what happened:

Jet fell down an entire storey.
We bought a leash and harness at Walmart and took the kitties for a walk.
Bighead and I decided to be Calvin and Hobbes for Halloween.
I got "swine flu".


it's kind of long and involved so here's a cut for you )

jet picspam

Aug. 8th, 2009 07:12 pm
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Hi, my name is Jet, and I am a BAD, BAD kitteh who likes to go into the recycling bin! This results in Clem (gleefully) spraying me with water.
more of my bad, bad kittyness )
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This morning, I was woken up by Jet. Not unusual in the least. He does it all the time. This morning, however, I rolled over and opened my eyes to see him hanging from my window sill.

This wouldn't be so strange, except for the fact that my window is VERY high up my wall. So, this tiny cat jumped about 5 feet and was holding on for his dear life. He finally let go, only to jump back up again. Finally, I noticed the source of his distress (because as many mental problems as this cat has, he has never done this before and I really don't know why he would): a wasp buzzing around my window.

I couldn't tell if the wasp was inside my room or trapped between the screen and the glass, so I got out of bed (it was 7:15 anyway), and went to investigate. The wasp was indeed in my room, and it was MASSIVE. I didn't want to risk getting stung, so I yelled for my dad. He came up, spotted a cup, and made me drink the week-old water so he could use it to trap the wasp. (It tasted really, really bad; I can't drink water in the mornings because it tastes funny right after waking up, and it was plastic-y from sitting in the cup so long, so NOT pleasant.)

My dad managed to trap the wasp and bring it outside, but Jet was still disturbed. He continued to try to climb up the wall and meow plaintively. He was definitely scared. Poor guy. :(

I picked him up and brought him downstairs and tried to make him feel better. I talked to him, because I am cool like that, saying, "It's okay, Jet. The wasp is outside now. You're never going to get out there, so you don't have to worry about him."

Today we ordered pizza for dinner because my mom is out of town and my dad doesn't really make food. (He can, but he doesn't.) The pizza guy came and my dad forgot to close the inner door (airlock, as we call it), and of course Jet ran outside and halfway down the block. So much for "never getting out there". :P



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