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So here is my weekly update filled with rambling. I know you all love it.

First! Work. Well. As you may know, last week I was told that Marisa needed to speak with me about something that happened two Sundays ago. She didn't actually go over whatever that was; instead, she yelled at me about something that happened last Sunday, which wasn't my fault. Basically, this lady had four coupons for 5000 PC points each. I scanned them and then checked her balance; she had about 600-700. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I told her to go see Scotty, thinking he could help her out or at least make her shut up, since she kept yelling about how it was such bullshit. (Yeah, something you got for free doesn't work. What bullshit.) Guess what Scotty did? Oh, he gave her back the coupons. Guess who got blamed? Only me, since they went through my lane. I explained it to Marisa, but nooooo, of course it was my fault, because Scotty can do no wrong, never mind the fact that he still has to do stuff like clean the baskets when he's not just standing there throwing crumpled receipt paper into garbage cans. I mean, really, he gets $12/hour for doing absolutely nothing.

Saturday's shift also sucked because it was 8 hours and it was the $1 sale, so it was PACKED. Usually I get about 2 minutes of break every 30-45 minutes because things slow down. This doesn't seem like a lot, but it's quite nice to  just be able to breathe for a few minutes. I also use the time to put out my stickers, because I don't like ripping them off the roll as I go. It's nice to just have them there. So, that happened twice in the eight hours, because, hey, we were selling 15-packs of water for $1. Also bleach, yogurt, air freshener, chicken, crab sticks, ice cream, 2L juice, Gatorade, etc. So, that was great. Then Michelle forgot that my shift ended at 7:30. Once it was about 7:29, there was a guy in my lane with tonnes of groceries. I was like YAY LAST CUSTOMER, but then another guy came and nobody seemed to be telling me to bring my tray up. I ended up serving four people with big orders before I just put my closed sign up myself, called customer service, and told Michelle that I was supposed to be off ten minutes ago. Luckily I get paid for the extra time (they'll round it up to 7:45, so that's about $2.22 extra). The only good thing about the shift was the fact that Eddie was on the lane behind me, which is great because I haven't seen him in FOREVER.

Sunday wasn't AS bad. Me and Nicole had the same shift, and it was only 6 hours. We didn't get the same break, though. :[ It was also until 1/2 an hour past close, so we had to clean up. Nicole and I did the conveyor belts with Scotty. I wanted to do returns with Eddie, because he is awesome, but Ligia made me do baskets and then wipe the belts. Um... I could get Eddie fired if I wanted to. :D He used 2 coupons on my lane, which is not allowed, and he also threw a packet of creme eggs, and they exploded all over the place. He was trying to get them into a bin from about 30 feet away. I was like, "Dude, you're not going to make it," but of course he thought he would, and he didn't.

Hmm what else. Nicholas is still being an ass to Cheyne. It was her birthday on Sunday, and he wrote on her wall "happy birthday I LOVE HORSES!!" She wrote back something to the effect of "Shut up. You don't even know me. Go fuck yourself," which he deleted. And, you know, he's left her alone for awhile, but who knows when he will start being a douche again?

Erm, I am so close to failing math and it is giving me panic attacks every two seconds. This isn't even a case of me not trying. I think I understand, and then I take out my homework and it's like WTF THIS IS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. I think it's because the periods are too long. Last year they were 62 minutes... this year they are 80, and I really can't pay attention to Gulcan talking for more than about 45 minutes because REALLY that is a lot of blah blah blah parabolas blah blah factoring blah x blah blah difference of squares blah blah blah blah. I mean, really. Plus, peer tutoring was cancelled today so I pretty much freaked out because I need all the help I can get. And just so you all know, my mark is about a 51 right now. I got a 56 on my first test, a 70 on a quiz, and then I failed 3 other quizzes so YAY I ROCK.

UM tonight is Bighead's hockey game (semi-finals) and I am really only going because I will get a hot chocolate and a McFlurry out of it. But, you know, it would be nice for him to win.

Just to make you LOL, here is a real test that Cheyne wrote:

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