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So, to get into my school you have to answer a few questions. This gives people who get in a superiority complex, when in reality THE TEACHERS DON'T EVEN READ THE DAMN THINGS. I mean, really, we get 800 people applying, each answering 5 questions with 200-300 word answers... you really think the teachers are going to read them? No. They read the first few lines of each. If you sound like an idiot, they discard it. If you don't, you go into a lottery. Out of 800 people who write it, about 700 get put in the lottery. Really, NOT HARD.

So, you get all these annoying niners who think the sun shines out of their ass because they string a sentence together. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that being articulate =/= being intelligent. Just because you can explain your moronic position doesn't mean it's any less moronic!

Some of them need to be reminded of this.

Example: guy in grade 11 posts an article about how companies in the US are still allowed to donate to political parties. Loser dumbass niner a) misreads the article, thinking that it's about POLITICAL PARTIES donating to COMPANIES, and b) on top of that, thinks it's okay.

Enter me. I never post on my school's bulletin board system. I posted once last year to tell people about a bake sale and once this year (to tell off the same niner, lololol). So... really, I NEVER post. I just couldn't help it this time though. My jaw pretty much did drop open when I read this. I'm like HOLY CRAP YOU MORON ARE YOU SERIOUS. I tried to explain it nicely, and he decided to get all up in arms about how Wal-Mart is soooo great because it provides jobs to uneducated people. I inform him that he's not exactly correct, and that, yes, IT IS STILL BRIBERY AND TOTALLY UNCOOL. While I'm writing that, he posts again, helpfully informing me (because I'm a total idiot, of course), that they aren't LITERALLY purchasing votes. I respond to that. I wanted to tell him that most bribery leaves your options open - like, I can say "I'll give you five bucks if you vote for me," and I would have no way of knowing if you ACTUALLY DID, but it's still bribery. But, whatever, it would probably just go over his dumbass little niner head. He tells me how awesome Wal Mart is and asks if it's worth the money. (Not sure exactly what money he's referring to...?) I explain that NO IT IS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT, he says that, GET THIS, if you "fund Wal Mart" you are making investments in the future of our country. At this point I was basically pissing myself laughing, but I got over it for the thirty seconds it took to tell him that funding Wal Mart is really freaking not investing in the future of our cfountry. He has the balls to tell me how funding Wal Mart will actually do all the things I want to see happen, like lower crime rates and stop homelessness!

At this point I stopped responding, although I had a lot to say. Like... how is giving $1000000 to a mom and pop business bribery but giving the same amount to Wal Mart isn't...? I don't think he understands why it's bribery. I want to be like "BUDDY LOOK IF YOU OWNED A BUSINESS AND I GAVE YOU A MILLION DOLLARS YOU WOULD KEEP VOTING FOR ME SO I WOULD STAY IN POWER AND KEEP GIVING YOU A MILLION DOLLARS DIPSHIT." I want to ask him why he thinks it's more important to FUND WAL MART than help our country DIRECTLY. I want to say "Hey, buddy, if you think it's cool for political parties to do what they have to do to win, do you think it's okay for them to use violence to force people to vote for them? No? BECAUSE THAT IS ALSO UNCOOL AND ILLEGAL." But, whatever, he is past the point of return and he can keep on being a total dumbshit for the rest of his life and vote for stupid Stephen Harper when he gets old enough and ruin everything.

Oh my god idiots make my blood pressure rise so much.
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