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So hai. Today I found out, after a roller coaster of OMG YES NO MORE SCIENCE D: OMG NOOOOOO MORE SCIENCE D:, that I don't have to take a traditional science course next year! Awesome! Basically, I can choose from Gr11 Chem/Physics/Bio, or Gr12 Science in Society.

So anyway, I decided to take Gr12 Science in Society after some thinking. Most people I know aren't doing it, because for their desired uni courses, they need a normal science. But, you know, journalists don't need science, and Science in Society is actually FAR MORE RELEVANT to a journalist's interests. Plus, Seth said I should do it. He knows me well. He is very in tune to his students. Basically, he knows that I neither enjoy nor fully grasp the concepts of science, and that I enjoy and excel in debating and discussion. He told me specifically that I would enjoy and benefit from the course. So, you know, screw the fact that my friends aren't doing it. I'm not going to struggle through bio just because Cheyne is in it. I'm going to take Science in Society, enjoy it, and do well, dammit!

Second, I've made the decision to drop out of enriched math. I'm not doing well in it. I'm getting behind. I don't like math. It's a lot of work. It has required me to give up my lunches twice a week to go to peer tutoring. If I had my way, I would take Dumbass math, but my parents are having a hard enough time accepting that I want to drop out of enriched (they think it's out of laziness lolol), so I'm taking Normal Academic math.

As for my electives, I have 4 but I need a 5th, and some of these are subject to change:

Comp Sci
World History in the West
English Media (counts as an arts course so I can go to Italy next year yaaay)
Canadian and International Law (debates and stuff - yeahyeahyeah)

In other news, you should join ORSUM. Now!
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