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Layer one: + spell your name with band names or artists
Corinne Bailey Rae
Lily Allen
Emilie Simon
Emilie Autumn
NSync (look, I don't have any N artists so I have to pick crappy stuff :()
Tegan and Sara ♥
Imogen Heap
Nickelback (lololol see above)
Elvis Presley (lol, running out of E artist here)

Layer two:
+ Name: Clementine
+ Birth date: June 19
+ Nickname: Clem, Clemmie
+ Eye color: Blue-green
+ Hair color: Brown, but in some lights it has a bit of red. Also a layer of blondish underneath.

Layer three:
+ The shoes you wore today:

Since today was a lazy day where I didn't get out of my PJs, I wore my slipper socks -

On a normal day, I would wear...

(except they're a lot more dirty and generally crap, since I've had them since grade 8)

+ Your perfect pizza: I don't really like pizza, but I'd say sausages and hot peppers. <3

Layer four:
+ Your best physical feature: My eyes. Very cliche answer, but my eyes are pretties.
+ Your bedtime: 10:30-11:00.
+ Most missed memory: Being little.

Layer five:
+ Pepsi or Coke: I hate this question. NEITHER! I can't physically drink pop.
+ McDonald's or Burger King: BK, because they have good chicken sandwiches. Also because I haven't had anything from Mickey D's in like 5 years.
+ Adidas or Nike: Don't care.
+ Lipton ice tea or Nestea: Don't like iced tea. :[
+ Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla, usually, but sometimes I like to switch it up.
+ Cappuccino or coffee: Neither!

Layer six: Do you...
+ Smoke: No.
+ Sing: Nah, I suck so much that I embarrass myself.
+ Take a shower everyday: Usually. Sometimes I have so much to do that I have to skip a day though. :X
+ Want to go to college: Well, university, but yep.
+ Want to get married: Who cares?
+ Get motion sickness: Only once. Bighead has horrible motion sickness*, and one time he threw up and it smelled so bad that I did too. D:
+ Think you're a health freak: Nope.
+ Get along with your parents: Mehhh.
+ Play an instrument: I played recorder in grade 3+4 and cello from grades 5-8, but nothing currently.

*first time I typed that I put morning sickness... lol.

Layer seven: In the past two months...
+ Gone to the mall: Of course, it's Christmas!
+ Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No, but I did have one Oreo. More than I usually do.
+ Eaten sushi: Yep, that was my Christmas dinner. :D
+ Been on stage: No.
+ Gone skating: Yes indeed!
+ Made homemade cookies: Um... no. I made slice n bakes.
+ Stolen anything: No.

Layer eight: Have you ever...
+ Played a game that required removal of clothing: Nah.
+ Been called a tease: No.
+ Been beaten up: Nope.

Layer nine:
+ Age you hope to be married: Don't care
+ Number of children you want: Probably none, MAYBE 1.

Layer ten: In the opposite sex...
+ Best eye color?: Blue or green
+ Best hair color?: Brown, but I'm not picky.
+ Short hair or long hair?: FOR GODS SAKE SHORT.
+ Most liked about the opposite sex?: Um... how am I supposed to pick ONE thing? That's such a broad question.

Layer eleven:
+ Number of people I could trust with my life: If I counted family, probably like 10 or 12.
+ Number of CDs you own: Physical CDs? 15ish. Albums on iTunes? Around 100.



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