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Since Christmas is four days away1 and I'm now on break, I'm going away as per family tradition.

I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle, who have stepped out of the stone age and bought a wireless router, so you may hear from me before I'm back. I may be having too much fun to blog though, so here's my excuse! ;)

How has my break been going so far? It's been decent.

Last Friday, my mother and I went shopping and bought presents for my younger cousins (and the little girl living with my aunt and uncle). For my boy cousins, we bought books – non-fiction books about bugs and the human body for the older one, and Dino Hockey and Scaredy Squirrel for the younger one. For my girl cousin, we got some art kits (paint your own tea set and paint your own fridge magnets), and we got a Littlest Pet Shop2 set for her friend.

I've been sick for the past little while, and it got so bad that I could barely go ten minutes without coughing. I decided that I probably shouldn't go to my job if I was going to be coughing all over people's food, so I called in sick both days that I was scheduled to work.

Yesterday it was a close friend's birthday, so I went to her house along with my brother and another good friend3. We played Pictionary and went skating. One of my friends can't skate, so we spent a long time trying to teach her… to no avail.

If you're on break already, what have you done so far? If you're not, what are your plans? Also, happy holidays to everyone! :D

  1. though you wouldn't know it; I think I live in one of the only places in the world that has not one snowflake []
  2. WARNING: loud, ear-bleeding music []
  3. the other two people who were invited couldn't make it []



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